Q&A: remote code for directv remote and philips home theater system?

Question by NUBii-G: remote code for directv remote and philips home theater system?
i am trying to program my directv remote with my philips home theater system HTS3544/37 but i can’t seem to find the codes for it. I have tried to call the philips company but they said they didn’t have them so if anyone can help, i’d appreciate it.

Best answer:

Answer by Mouse
Set the “Mode Switch” to the desired mode
TV for TVs,
Aux 1 for VCRs or DVDs,
Aux 2 for Audio

Press and hold the “Mute” button and the “Select” button until the visible LED blinks twice.

Enter the code “991” followed by the “device number”
1 for Televisions
2 for “AUX 1” devices – VCRs or DVDs
3 for “AUX 2” devices – Audio

You can step through the setup codes for this mode by pressing the “Channel Up” key to go through the codes
You can try out each code by pressing one or more function keys such as power or volume
When you’ve found the setup code that works for your device, press the “Select” key to save the code to the tremote

Hope this Helps

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